Government Services

The goal of Government Services is to provide one-stop, online access to information and services to individuals. Citizens should be able to find and access what they need quickly and easily. The category of e-governance that focuses on interactions between government and citizens to support transactions such as tax payment, licenses, and obtaining passports.

It can facilitate involvement and interaction with the government, enhancing the quantity and quality of public participation in government. G2C interactions can allow citizens to be more informed about government laws, regulations, policies, and services. For the citizen, e-governance can offer a huge range of information and services, including government forms and services, public policy information, employment & business opportunities, aadhaar information, voting information, tax filing, license registration or renewal, payment of fines, and submission of comments to government officials.



  • Fresh enrollment of citizens
  • Child enrollment (Children under 5 years age)
  • Correction / Updation
  • Paper / PVC card printing
  • Checking the status of aadhaar More..


  • Fresh PAN / TAN application
  • Change / Correction in PAN / TAN data
  • Reprint of PAN card
  • Cancellation of PAN More..


  • Fresh passport application
  • Change / Correction in passport data
  • Re-issuance application of lost / expired Passport More..


  • Electro photo identity card (EPIC)
  • Fresh EPIC (Voter ID) application
  • Change / Correction in electoral data
  • Linking EPIC with aadhaar
  • Plastic card printing of EPIC More..