Utility Bills

Jeevan Utthaan provides you a hassle free single point of contact for most of your recurring payment needs. At Jeevan Utthaan you can pay your bills and make other payments either online or through Jeevan Mitra in a secure and convenient manner. Jeevan Utthaan will electronically present your bills to you, including your Telephone bills, Electricity bills, Cell-phone bills, Credit card bills, ISP charges and others.

You can review your bills, choose either pay them cash to Jeevan Mitra which immediately will deposit online through his prepaid wallet online and provide you receipt on the spot or pay them using bank account(s) you wish to make the payment from. You will get complete flexibility and control in making payments, regular SMS & email reminders so that your bills are paid on time, a facility to store all the payments you made during the year and importantly efficient organization and management of your bill payment activity.