Our Story

Jeevan Utthaan Services is inspired by “Digital India” mission and committed for uplifting the lives of every common man by providing a platform with ease of accessing various Government and Private sector services meant for them and also helping to complete various basic daily household chores with just a ‘Tapping’ on his/her mobile phone ,  thus saving time which they could spent with their family.

Today, the online market place is growing with several e-commerce options for customers to choose from. Online shopping is no more a privilege enjoyed by your friends and family living in the US or UK. A variety of innovative services are being offered to customers of new Information age. Today, it is a reality in India and becoming popular in every business sector. There is tremendous scope for online businesses in the future if they understand the Indian customer’s need and cater to them at door-step.

Cities beyond metros are in the limelight for all the good reasons. On an average, almost 50 – 55% of online business come from tier 2 and tier 3 cities and we believe this ratio is similar across all e-commerce companies in the country. With metro markets reaching saturation, we believe tier 2 and 3 cities are going to be the biggest drivers for e-commerce businesses in India in the not so distant future. Building a robust supply chain is critical to efficiently fulfilling orders from these cities and tapping their full market potential.

The rural market in India is a huge unorganized market as well as much of it is still untapped in various domains. A huge scope for services exists in these markets where still major companies have directed their focus on. Since major of Indian population exists in rural segment, prospects of huge demand exist for the products offered by various companies or service providers.

But the demand and supply pattern in the rural segment is majorly different than those in the urban segment.

This difference is due to vast difference in:

  • Income Level
  • Expenditure Capacity
  • Taste and Preferences
  • Educational Level
  • Social, Cultural and Environmental

These differences results in gaps between service provider and the consumers/customers in both the market segments. Hence a service provider clearly needs to understand these gaps and the strategies to fill these gaps effectively. Therefore the mantra for successful strategy implementation in rural markets for service delivery is

“Service Delivery at Door-Step ”

Keeping all these facts in mind, we started mission “Jeevan Utthaan” for bridging above mentioned gap to equalize the opportunity and to provide an experience of available global services to every citizen’s door step whether residing in urban or rural India.